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Warli Art, Village Life, 17.5"/10"

Warli Art, Village Life, 17.5"/10"

by Kishore Sadashiv Mashe

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Year: 2010

The Warli tribe resides in the Indian state Maharashtra. The word Warli comes from the word ‘Warla.’ (piece of land or field). There are a few traditional painters who reside in the villages and paint. Similar to other folk and tribal paintings, Warli paintings adorn the walls of the Warli homes as frescoes. Their earthen grain-bins and the mud-plastered walls of their homes are the canvas on which tribal people paint. The cracks in their earth coloured walls creates a textured rich surface. Today Warli paintings are drawn on paper and canvas. Traditionally the white colour was prepared by grounding rice into powder. Today, mainly white acrylic colour is used.

GST 12%

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