Our Story

PotliArts is based in Mumbai, India and founded by Ritu Chandwani on November 18, 2010.

PotliArts is committed to India’s panoramic world of heritage arts, crafts and handwoven weaves. The diversity, skill and depth of heritage arts is fascinating. ‘Potli’ means bag in Hindi. PotliArts participates in exhibitions and works with artists from interiors of India. PotliArts works with high skilled artists, artisans, weavers and organizations doing high quality and creative work. PotliArts has researched the evolution and processes of these ancient art forms and conducts Introductory sessions with schools, organizations and consulates. PotliArts also shares relevant primary and secondary research on art with its clients. Today, PotliArts works with some of India’s finest artists and craftspersons from more than 12 states and 8 tribes of India.

Rabari Tribal Embroidery Artisan

PotliArts has revived 13 th century designs, sourced expert documentaries and built a global art community, united by art.

PotliArts is dedicated to nurturing handmade along with its creativity, skill and quality. PotliArts mission is to empower and celebrate all Artists, Artisans and Craftspersons, leaving no one behind. PotliArts is honored to work with reputed, not-for-profit organizations such as Shrujan (meaning Creativity in Sanskrit) which works with craftswomen in Kutch, India to revitalize the ancient craft of hand embroidery.

PotliArts has had over 15 exhibitions in Mumbai showcasing the works of some of the finest artists of India.

PotliArts is committed to contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), supporting women artists and creating a happier world based on peace, culture and education, where no one is left behind.

Reach out to us for any queries at potliartsconnect@gmail.com