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Saora Art, Tribal Life, 9.5"/19.5"

Saora Art, Tribal Life, 9.5"/19.5"

by Akshay Bariki

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Year: circa 2017

The Saora tribe of Orissa is one of the Indias’ oldest tribes. They are also called as Savaras. Saoras like many other tribes of India have a custom of making drawings on the walls of their homes. Saora paintings are done to appease the Gods and the ancestors. These drawings are also made for averting disease, promoting fertility, festive occasions,  in honour of their deceased, ceremonial functions. Often, the artist painting village walls are directed by dreams and moments of enlightenment. The paintings can be well explained by the local priests. Saora paintings are made by anyone who knows how, from the Saora community . At the same time, the artist who becomes adept, achieves a dedicated slot in the Saora community. Saora tribal paintings in attractive vegetable colours of maroon, black, look fabulous on paper, canvas and tussar silk. The white colour on Saora paintings is made of rice powder paste.

GST 12%

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