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Santal Art, Radha Krishna, 14.6"/22.5"

Santal Art, Radha Krishna, 14.6"/22.5"

by Unknown

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Year: Circa 2018
Handmade  Pata Paper

Patachitra art of West Bengal is a fascinating Performing Art. Painting, Story Telling, Drama, Singing, Patachitra Painting has all this and more. It has lovely patterns, bright colors, centuries old folklore, and perennial wisdom of ‘right always wins over wrong’, folk songs, wide range of human emotions. Patachitra art of West Bengal originated in the age when there were no theatres and shows. Creativity blended storytelling, art and mythology. Patachitra (Scroll painting)  took form when Art moved from walls to scrolls and folios and above all to itinerant showmen who are called Shobhanikars / Patidars / Chitrakars / Patuas (Painter Bards / rural Canvas Painters).

GST 12%

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