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Akshay Bariki

Radha Krishna Leela and Dus Avatar

Radha Krishna Leela and Dus Avatar

by Akshay Bariki

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Size: 12.2"/14"
Year: circa 2018
Palm Leaf

Palm Leaf Etching of the Indian state Orissa is an exemplary traditional art. Palm Leaf has a historic evolution. It started as ‘Chitra Pothis’ with illustrated texts and figures mainly showing profiled characters straight out of Indian Mythology. The Palm Leaves are dried and threaded together with thin sired wooden planks. The threaded palm leaves collapse into each other and folds up into a scale. This also provides protection from water and dust to the engravings. The Palm Leaf Etchings are done with a special iron pen. Some etchings are filled with specially developed natural colours.

GST 12%

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