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Heeraman Urweti

Gond Art, Bird and Peacock, 5"/7.2"

Gond Art, Bird and Peacock, 5"/7.2"

by Heeraman Urweti

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Year: circa 2016
Material: Handmade paper

The Gond tribal paintings like other folk and tribal paintings are inspired by nature and religious beliefs. Their visual interpretation of people, animals, birds, trees (with faces), deities, huts, village scenes are remarkable. Most paintings recite a story. The Gond artist blends delightful colours. The pattern is simplistic and linear giving a textured look to the objects sketched. The Gond art is characterised by symbolism and a very simplified method of representation. Trees are worshipped in villages of India since ancient times. The Tiger, always majestic is India's national animal. Gond art with its patterned heritage spreads splendour.

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