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Patachitra Orissa, Krishna Arjuna, 49.9"/32.1", Master Collection

Patachitra Orissa, Krishna Arjuna, 49.9"/32.1", Master Collection

by Akshaya Bariki

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Material: Handmade pata paper
Colors: Natural, handmade
Patachitra paintings of Orissa are also called as ‘Picture cloths.’ The Traditional Patachitra artists are called ‘Chitrakars.’. Patachitra paintings evolved with the worship of the 12th century temple of Puri, Lord Jagannath, brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra.

Chitrakars prepare patta (base canvas) themselves. Layers of fabric are superimposed on each other with tamarind seed paste. At times raw rice powder is mixed with tamarind seed powder for canvas stiffness. After drying the canvas in the sun, a paste of chalkstone powder is mixed with the tamarind seed gum. 

Natural colours are prepared. The figures are first sketched on the patta. The outlining was earlier done using katha badi (stick) / brush. Chitrakars also make their own brushes. Experienced Chitrakars sketch directly on the patta with light red and light yellow. On completion of the painting, these outline sketches are enhanced with black or red outlines.

The profiles dominate, the chin size tends to be exaggerated, trees are drawn as symbolic. Rivers are depicted by fish and the sky with clouds. Each Patachitra, has a finely drawn border, which supports the painting, but does not distract from the main theme of the painting.

This scene depicted here, Lord Krishna and Arjuna is an important part of the great Indian epic, 'Mahabharata'. Lord Krishna imparts profound wisdom and guidance to Arjuna.

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