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Mithila | Madhubani Art, Ardha Nareshwar - 25.7" / 33.5"

Mithila | Madhubani Art, Ardha Nareshwar - 25.7" / 33.5"


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Handmade paper
Colors : Acrylic

Mihila paintings are from the Indian state, Bihar. They are also known as ‘Madhubani’ (forest of honey) paintings. This region has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Sanskrit learning flourished here along with expressions in literature, painting and theatre. Mithila Paintings are drawn on the walls of the village homes. These are called ‘bhitti chitra’(fresco / wall painting) in India.

The base sheets are made of plain, handmade paper and lightly coated with cowdung. Its dried thereafter. The masters of the art use a twig or a coarse thread drawn from an old sari as the brush. That brush is dipped in liquid kajal (eyeliner) to create the outlines. These paintings are made today mainly in acrylic colors though natural color paintings can be made on order. The natural colors are made from flowers, leaves, skin of fruits and vegetables. An artist told us, that often only flowers and leaves that have been shed by the plants and trees, are used to make colors!


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