Coomaraswamy Hall Museum : February March 2014

The sixth solo PotliArts Exhibition was held from February 28 to March 6 at Coomaraswamy Hall in erstwhile Prince Of Wales Museum, Kalaghoda Mumbai.

Among the  new original works of master artists exhibited was Kalighat Folk paintings from West Bengal and vintage Santhal Tribal Art from West Bengal while Folk Art saw new work in Patachitra Orissa.

The highlight of the Exhibition was a panel discussion on Role of Traditional Art in contemporary times which ahd eminent personalities from Arts and Crafts industry like Mira Goradia of Khamir, Sangeeta Shroff of IICD, Aditi Ranjan of NID, Ami Shroff of Shrujan, Prasoon Pandey Ad Film maker,Chandrasekhar Bhede of Spider Design, Ritu Chandwani of PotliArts, Shyamala Nath of WITS, Radhi Parekh of Artsans Gallery, Brinda Miller of Kalaghoda Festival Association, Puneet of Jeypore,Rajesh Kejriwal of Kyoorious.

Ritu Chandwani Founder of PotliArts gave a talk on History and Evolution of Motifs in Traditional Art.

Chetan Gangawane and his father and family made a cultural presentation of Chitrakathi Art in song and dance form.

New Chhau Masks from West Bengal made a hugh impact in the exhibition.

Tanka furnishings from Kutch were also displayed at the Exhibition.

PotliArts is grateful to Artisans Connect of Pidilite for sponsoring most of the Exhibition.


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