Coomaraswamy Hall Museum : November 2011

The third solo PotliArts Exhibition was held on November 18-23 at Coomaraswami Hall in erstwhile Prince Of Wales Museum, Kalaghoda Mumbai.

Tribal and Folk Paintings, handwoven saris and stoles, hand made bags, Chhau and Patachitra masks and artifacts, gadwakam or bell metal sculpture was on display.

Rta Kapur Chishti textile historian and Pepe of Shantiniketan Batik fame inaugurated the Exhibition.Rta Kapur spoke on the urgent need to support organic khadi weavers in rural India who were under severe pressure to find alternative means of livelihood in the wake of powerloom sector overpowering the modest presence of the hand loom sector.

Pepe spoke on the extraordinary influence of Rabindranath Tagore on the West Bengal artisans in design , concept and original thinking.With his Spanish background and the lure of Batik design, Pepe has managed to bring flair and style to an ancient Indian heritage.

Ritu Chandwani Founder of PotliArts spoke on the inspiration provided by weavers, painters and craftspeople of India in preserving the rich heritage and skill over so many centuries.

PotliArts is grateful to HCL Technologies for sponsoring a part of the Exhibition.


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