Artisans Maiden Launch: June 2011

2011 The second solo PotliArts solo exhibition was held at Artisans Kalaghoda in June 2011 which also inaugurated Artisans as a Hall dedicated to Art and Craft.The chief guest was Rta Kapur Chishti  textile historian and organic khadi pioneer.Also speaking at the inauguration was ninth generation hand block printer Abdul Rehman Khatri and Shyamji of Vankar Vishram Valji ,National Award winning artisan of hand woven stoles and shawls from Bhujodi Kutch.

Rta Kapur Chishti spoke on the magic of organic khadi and how indigenous grown rain fed cotton is used in the making of the luxury organic khadi.Unlike regular khadi which often uses cheap Chinese imported cotton and mechanized amber chakra to weave ,organic khadi supports the growth and production of indigenoue cotton and the talented but dwindling Indian weaving handloom industry.

Abdul Razak Khatri spoke on the finer aspects of Ajrakh hand block printing and how his family had continued the tradition unbroken for nine generations.With PotliArts, Khatri had helped execute a eleventh century extinct sari design curated by Ritu Chandwani.

Shyamji Vankar Vishram Valji spoke on the hand woven movement pioneered by his father in Bhujodi which employs over 250 village folks as full time weavers.

On view were organic khadi and silk saris by Rta Kapur Chishti of Taan Baan and Bhujodi Kutch stoles and shawls.

PotliArts is grateful to Cadbury’s Bourneville for sponsoring a part of the Exhibition


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