Coomaraswamy Hall Museum : November 2012

The fourth solo PotliArts Exhibition was held on November 17-21 at Coomaraswami Hall in erstwhile Prince Of Wales Museum, Kalaghoda Mumbai.

The original works of master artists and weavers was displayed.In paintings. Chiitrakathi Tribal Art from Maharashtra was exhibited for the first time along with new Santhal Tribal Art from West Bengal while Folk Art saw new work in Patachitra Orissa, Mithila and Rajasthan Gold paintings.

In textiles, Cotton Paithani and Kanjeevaram Silk and Cotton saris were added handwoven by the laeding weavers of M.P. and Tamil Nadu

Organic Khadi saris, stoles and furnishings furnishings were introduced curated by Rta Kapur Chishti of Taan Baan.

A popular section was dupattas curated by PotliArts.


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